Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm placing an order online. Do you have FREE Delivery?

Shipping for all orders is FREE in India!

Do you offer special financing & EMI's?

Yes We do. EMI's on credit cards & cardless EMI options are available on the payment page.

Will my online order be confirmed after purchase?

Yes, you should receive an order confirmation email within a few minutes of the purchase.

How long will it take my order to ship?

We have a shipping timeline of 2-3 business days.

How will my Sac be shipped to me?

Your Sac insert will be shipped in a sturdy nylon duffel, shrunken to 1/8th its volume. Our delivery partners are DTDC, Delhivery, Bluedart.

Can I manage my delivery and track my packages?

Yes. Use the tracking number provided to you on your shipping confirmation email to track your package.

How are Sacs different than other beanbag-style chairs?

Sacs are unique compared to standard market beanbags, for starters we do not use harmful plastic beans. We use our proprietary blend of high dennsity PU Foma & Memory Foam for unlimited comfort and durability. The Upholstery is also naturally sourced, hypoallergenic and breathable.

Are all your BeanBag XXXL size to fit all Age Groups like the ones available in the Market?

No they are not, we have multiple designs distributed as per weight height and use case. You will find most of the details in the Product description. If you still need help choosing please start a support chat. Our executives & support staff are always available to help you choose.

I have already placed my order and would like to modify it. Is that still possible?

We transfer the details of your order to our warehouse & factory soon after the order is placed to make sure that you receive your product as soon as possible. Therefore, if the order status is already advanced, it is unfortunately not possible for us to make any changes.

Is It overfilled in terms of weight & height in most of the sacs?

Yes, as comfort is subjective, we overfill the products, some like it hard some like it soft and sinking! you can just remove the foam and customize the height and bounciness as per preference! Store the extra filling and use it after a few years when the foam starts sinking.

I just received my Sac, how do I fluff it up?

Watch the video HERE or follow these steps:
Your product will arrive vacuum packed. Simply remove the inner liner from the plastic (carefully) and place the sac inside the cover. Fluff to loosen and activate the foam. It may appear flat at first but give it some time to fully expand, typically 2-4 days depending on the size you chose.The lumps that you might be feeling is the foam that has been compressed, due to the nature of our packaging. The foam will break apart, it just needs a little help. Continue massaging the lumps, and scrub them into each other as the friction this causes will help them separate a bit easier. You'll do this from outside the fabric, you won't have to go inside, to get to the loose foam. Over the next few days, with normal use, it will continue to break down and become softer.

My order arrived damaged. What can I do?

We are sorry that your order is damaged. Please contact our Customer Happiness Team and share images and details. We will make sure to replace the damaged part as soon as possible.

Can i add or remove filler foam?

As with all sacs, some people prefer a firm feel, and some prefer a softer feel. We find that kids/girls like their sac soft, and gamers and men tend to prefer firm. For this reason, Yogi products are completely adjustable. To remove the foam, unzip your liner and scoop out the desired amount of foam. You may want to save it for future use.

What is the recommended way to put the cover on my Sac?

Watch the video HERE or follow these steps:

1. Remove the Cover from its box or bag. Unfold it, unzip it

2. Drape the Cover over the Sac (the Cover will be upside down), 

3. Zip the Cover all the way around, rotating the Sac until it is completely covered.

How do I wash my Sac Cover?

First, check the tag on your Cover to understand the correct method for cleaning. If you can’t find a tag, visit our fabric guide for care instructions. We recommend that our machine-washable Covers be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle, and then hung to dry.

What is my Sac Insert fabric made from?

The base fabric of all Sac Inserts is made from a highly durable 100% polyester fabric. This fabric helps ensure the durability of the Sac liner while also allowing the HD Foam inside to breath.

How do I clean the Sac Insert fabric?

Should your sac Insert ever need cleaning, do not attempt to unzip or remove the fabric. Instead, just take a wet cloth to spot clean. Please do not open and wash the inner liner, only the outer cover is removable & machine washable.

Are foam sacs light weight like bean filled bean bags?

In foam sacs we use actual PU Foam as filling after shredding them into small granules. The same foam used in mattresses and sofa. Only EPS balls are lightweight as they are mainly filled with air. Due to it's filling the foam sacs are much heavier compared to bean filled products. However the heavier foam filling gives them a much higher life, removes the need of re-filling and provides cloud like comfort!

How long can i keep the product packed?

Maximum for 15 Days. Do note transit also takes 5-7 Days so you can max store it for 5 days more. If by any chance you are not able to open the package before that, please note that the expansion will take much longer than standard timelines and might not be 100%. If you face any such issue please contact our customer support and they will be able to help & guide you as per the situation.

Can i shrink the Bean Bag as well?

Yes you can. All you will need is a vacuum cleaner and a Shrink kit ( Plastic and Duct Tape). To order a shrink kit you can connect with our support team. Once you have both the vacuum and shrink kit follow the below steps :

1. Place the bean bag into the plastic.

2. Hold the plastic closed tight with and and turn on the Vacuum
Pat from ends to give it the desired share to fit it into a box or bag.

3.Seal the end strongly with duct tape.

4. Ensure there are no leakages.